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Birdhouse short Birdhouse short

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like your style!

I really liked the concept and feel of this one. Point or no point, it was humorous and very cute. You do not see a lot of that here or anywhere on the net for that matter.
Chin up! Here are the things I like:
1)I like the squiggle technique, and you used it very well. Even hand animated you managed to pull it out! Good work.
2) Your animation style is grand and I am quite envious. I can barely sketch a stick man lest hand draw over 300 frames. WOW!
3) I appreciate the attempt at visual humor. Flash is a hard medium to pass off subtle humor in. That is why everyone sqwaks on and on about scripts and dialouge and voice over work. Anyone can make an oral joke, but few can pull off a visual one. Even without recorded dialogue you seen to pull off an oral joke! NEAT!
4) Short peices are refreshing. I do not view a lot on newgrounds because of the length of presentation and file size. (I am on dial up by curse not choice!) So kudos on keeping a low size and straight to the point humor.

My only suggestions are as follows:
1) The music did not fit the feel, not for me at least. It seemed tacked on later. Like an after thought or a filler.
2) The individual sketches could use more sound. I know how hard sound effects and music choosing can be. I spent 7 hours the other day tacking incidental sounds onto a flash. *sigh* But in the end it give your flash more depth. Not necissaraly voice over, just sound effects.
3) The only progaming choice I would have done differently would have been to make a menu so you could play each part seperatly.

Well I hope I was not too harsh. Good luck and I look forward to seeing more!

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TheMythicBrother responds:

Wow big review! I think I might do a big reply. I agree that you don't see many small cute sketches anymore if any just wanted to be a bit different 1) Thanks i also like the squiggle effect, wouldnt really be any good without it.
2) Yep 365 frames did hurt my hand a little, okay a lot! I do think I have a unique style even if Im not the best at drawing.
3) Witty replies is what Im good at, but when Im asked to sit down and think of something funny thats where I have trouble. Even when I do think of a joke to articulate it on flash or even paper is just as hard.
4) I like short pieces aswell, I dont have a good attenetion span, 30seconds is long enough for me!
1) It kind of was but I really liked it and had to have it, maybe Ill put it in a faster moving cartoon in the future!
2) Your right finding sound effects or making them is a very tricky task, and adding them into music to make it sound good is practically impossible.
3) Hmm good point didnt think of that, thought it might be a bit uncessary as each part is 10 seconds long.

Thanks for the review, i prefer ones that say how to improve than ones that say "Yeah, cool, awsome" and definetly more than "crap, rubbish" without explaining why. Thanks again, Im making a new movie which Im going to try and spend a long time on so if you ever see Beane or Elderon you know its me! Gooday.

couple crappy shorts... couple crappy shorts...

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nicely drawn, but not enough.

Your artwork far out ranks many one here, but you got low scores from most folks for the length of your short and its pointlessness. Even a short needs more to it, time and subject matter. Good work though. I shall keep my eye on you!

Angry Pong 1.5 Angry Pong 1.5

Rated 3 / 5 stars

nice but needed more

that was really cute.. i liked your idea but it seems like it needs more.. i would seriously think about making it side to side instead of up and down.. like the old pong game.. :)
if you took the time to add the scream and the pong sounds you should really download some other sound fx, especially the "fatality' from mk.. (i think thats what you ment at least)
its also a teeeeeeny bit slow.. speed it up a bit and it will seem less draggy..
anyways.. good try.. a for effort.... but c for outcome..

Heinz the Owl Heinz the Owl

Rated 5 / 5 stars

go heinz!

nice work prof.. i like your style of animation and your wicked sense of humor.. AND the props to python at the end was super sweet... good work and i look forward to future installments.. the only thing i scored lower then 10 is the sound.. i would have used a different song... but you cant please everyone eh?? watch this flash folks, its amusing!

Roof Tiling Roof Tiling

Rated 5 / 5 stars

it is a paper world

i just love the idea of a paper world.. i just finished playing 'paper mario' and now watched your paper flash..
your work is such an inspiration, and no its not always horror or comedy, its something else.. yes.. something else..
i will say you are a deeply disturbed individual, and i love it!
good job yet again, and i hope one day to get the hang of this program enough to try my hand at a paper world! thanks!

8 Bit D&D 8 Bit D&D

Rated 5 / 5 stars

From one DnD nerd to another!

I cut my teeth on first edition and never looked back! The skit by the Dead Ale Wives has always been a family favorite in our house and your flash was a welcome visual for it! All the old school 8 bits doing a DnD sketch.. w00t!!!!!! You guys rock AND roll!